March 25, 2019

Urinary incontinence (UI) is a common condition; however, it is NOT normal! UI is defined as, "involuntary leakage of urine" and is classified into three different categories: stress UI, urge UI and mixed UI. UI affects 25 million adults in the United States and 300 mi...

January 21, 2019

Are you familiar with the term pelvic floor? Well, the pelvic floor system is a group of muscles, ligaments and fascia that function as a unit. The pelvic floor functions to provide support to pelvic organs, maintain urinary function and aide in sexual function, and th...

The talk is whispered and snickered about at the gym and behind closed doors. Some are embarrassed, while others wear it as a badge of honor. Whether coughing and sneezing, running or cycling, jumping rope or doing burpees, or hitting that PR while lifting, pelvic floo...

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February 25, 2019

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