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The Runner's Deadlift

Running is an activity that almost everyone can do. No equipment needed...just get out and move! Technique is important and there are countless coaches and clinics to help you improve your technique. What some often forget, though, is that for every runner (whether amateur or competitive), core and hip strength are paramount to preventing injury and improving technique. So before you head off to a clinic or coach, what can you do to ensure your strength is where it should be?

One exercise that should be in your arsenal is the runner's deadlift. There are a few different styles, but the runner's deadlift is a nice hybrid of the Romanian deadlift and the standard deadlift. Looking for specific technique cues and an expert explanation so you get it right? Check out this link. Whether you focus on the runner's deadlift or add in single leg deadlifts (highly recommended), improving your hamstring, glute, and core strength is paramount to maintaining running health for years to come.

Have trouble with getting into the deadlift positions due to hip mobility issues? Do you have questions on appropriate mechanics? Schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists, who can teach you to treat yourself and guide you through proper technique.

If you're looking for a place to run, be sure to check out TNR (Thursday Night Runs), a FREE weekly 5k run that happens every Thursday at 6 PM at our clinic in Eagle River. Click here for more details.

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