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Physical Therapists are movement specialists who are uniquely trained to identify movement impairments causing dysfunction or pain. Our therapists will work one on one with you to design an exercise program specifically for your goals, which is often supplemented by manual (hands-on) techniques and modalities. Our goal is to assist you to restore pain free movement, and to empower you to maintain your health so that you can enjoy life to the fullest.

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Shannon Davis is a graduate from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and came to Alaska as a traveling physical therapist in 2015. She has fallen in love with the alluring mountains and has no desire to leave. Its not unlikely to catch her and Diesel out roaming the mountain trails on the weekends. She has training and enjoys utilizing functional dry needling skills to help people maximize functional mobility and returning to activities. Shannon has education in pelvic floor rehabilitation to maximize daily activities for women locally. She enjoys spending time outside hiking, running, biking, and fishing.



Brendon graduated from physical therapy school at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis Tennessee. Upon graduation he moved to Texas to pursue completion of a physical therapy residency in orthopedics. Brendon and his wife have enjoyed traveling and exploring new places, especially the great outdoors. After visiting Alaska for a week in 2017 they decided that they hadn't had enough, and knew they would have to come back. They moved to Alaska in June 2022 as travelers and have taken almost every weekend since arriving to hike, camp, backpack and otherwise explore Alaska.



Mark Snyder is our resident PTA.  Graduating from Delaware Technical College in early 2021 he got the bug for travel and has since begun his career as a travelling Physical Therapist Assistant.  Mark has decided to stay on quite a bit longer than his initial contract using the hilly terrain and cold climes to train for triathlons, marathons, and other endurance events in his free time (I am Iron Man).  Mark brings his love and knowledge for running and biking into the clinic to help anyone looking to resume walking for fun or competing for glory!  Mark served in the Delaware Army National Guard for 8 years and has since worked with many currently serving as well as separated veterans throughout his career.

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