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March 2018 Events At Healthwise

It's time to mark your calendars! As usual, TNR (Thursday Night Runs) is happening every Thursday, but we have special events planned for each run this month. We look forward to seeing you at our clinic every Thursday!

The Book Nook 2018, Part 1

One of my favorite qualities of Alaskans is their fierce independence and ability to thrive under harsh conditions. Sometimes this means working in areas where your immediate access to healthcare may be limited, or your benefits have been maxed out. Thus, if you suffer from acute back pain, shoulder discomfort, or chronic aches and pains that you just haven’t addressed yet, you are tempted to look into the rabbit hole of Google. Now don’t get me wrong, I will not be one of those clinicians who rolls their eyes at Google. I am pretty sure we all use it as an immediate resource. For me, it reminds me of going to the old card catalog system in the library to look up possible reference books (we