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Core, Core & Core Some More

We hear it all the time, you want to work your core yet you want to avoid sit ups and crunches and hate doing long plank sessions. So what could be other effective core exercises that may actually be more beneficial and functional for you? If you have access to a few pieces of equipment or even a full gym, we have some effective options for you to get not just a stronger core, but a more functional one at that! You want your core to be trained, conditioned, and stabilized using 3 different approaches: Anti-Extension Anti-Rotation Anti-Lateral Flexion Now most exercises will have components of each, but the primary focus will be the intent for training. So we have an idea of where we want to

Compress It!

Happy May! As the weather improves (hopefully!), daylight increases and outdoor activities begin to pick up, injuries are bound to happen; it's part of being human. With acute injuries (injuries that occur suddenly and are typically linked with trauma), it's important to follow a certain principle in order to minimize the effects of injury. Healthcare professionals typically call this principle "R.I.C.E," which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation (some sources also add a "P" for "Protection" to the acronym, making it "P.R.I.C.E."). Each of these components is important to full recovery from injury, but we'd like to focus on compression for the purpose of this post. In the early p