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Pelvic Floor Care

Are you familiar with the term pelvic floor? Well, the pelvic floor system is a group of muscles, ligaments and fascia that function as a unit. The pelvic floor functions to provide support to pelvic organs, maintain urinary function and aide in sexual function, and the pelvic floor is essential for proper breathing mechanics. To better understand how the pelvic floor system functions, visualize a boat in a dock (pictured below). The PFM (pelvic floor muscles) are the water and provide support to the boat, which serves as our pelvic organs for this analogy. The boat is docked or held in place by ropes which function as our ligamentous and fascial components. When the boat is not supported by

The Lateral Subsystem

Have you ever wondered why it's generally more difficult to balance on a single leg when holding a weight on the opposite side of your body? Or have you experienced right-sided low back pain when standing on your left leg? The answer to these issues may be related to your lateral subsystem. The lateral subsystem is a group of muscles that work together to provide support and movement in the frontal plane, which is a plane that divides the front of your body from the back of your body. The primary muscles that make up this subsystem include the gluteus medius muscle, the leg adductor muscles and the contralateral (opposite) quadratus lumborum muscle: As you can see in the picture above, this