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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

The talk is whispered and snickered about at the gym and behind closed doors. Some are embarrassed, while others wear it as a badge of honor. Whether coughing and sneezing, running or cycling, jumping rope or doing burpees, or hitting that PR while lifting, pelvic floor dysfunction can lead to leaking (no matter how many trips you take to the restroom during your workout). Pelvic floor dysfunction can affect our daily lives, whether it be during normal activities or our athletic endeavors. Pain, weakness, chronic low back pain, coordination issues, and yes, leaking urine, are all possible issues when dealing with PFD. And as little as these issues are addressed in women, they are even less likely to be addressed in men.

Addressing the dysfunction and normalizing the movement coordination pattern can improve not only your daily activities, but also your athletic performance. A skilled clinician can help you address these issues and get you back on track for better living. Need more information? Call us at 622-2500 to set up an appointment with one of our physical therapists or chiropractor. Also, check out the website of one of the country’s experts, Julie Wiebe, PT by clicking here.

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