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Work Hard, Play Hard, but don't forget to LIVE WELL!

"Work Hard, Play Hard, Live Well!" has always been our motto. We know the importance of training hard and people often talk about their injuries resulting from over-training, but what we have noticed over the decades is that we put so much into our work and play that we neglect the recovery portion of our plan.

Recovery is of utmost importance to reduce injury risk and to keep you living well. To learn the definitive techniques to maximize your training sessions, check out the expert advice from Dr. John Rusin by clicking here. He is an internationally recognized coach, physical therapist, speaker, and sports performance expert. Dr. John has coached some of the world’s most elite athletes, including multiple Gold Medalist Olympians, NFL All-Pros, MLB All-Stars, Professional Bodybuilders, World-Record Holding Powerlifters, National Level Olympic Lifters and All-World IronMan Triathletes.

As always, feel free to call us with any questions that you might have!

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