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Core, Core & Core Some More

We hear it all the time, you want to work your core yet you want to avoid sit ups and crunches and hate doing long plank sessions. So what could be other effective core exercises that may actually be more beneficial and functional for you? If you have access to a few pieces of equipment or even a full gym, we have some effective options for you to get not just a stronger core, but a more functional one at that!

You want your core to be trained, conditioned, and stabilized using 3 different approaches:

  1. Anti-Extension

  2. Anti-Rotation

  3. Anti-Lateral Flexion

Now most exercises will have components of each, but the primary focus will be the intent for training. So we have an idea of where we want to go, now how do we get there?

Want a great combination move? Try the "Plank Roll Outs" using either a barbell or a landmine set up (kneeling or full plank).

Want specific instruction or need to see if these will be safe for you?

Contact the team at Healthwise! Want to really torch your core? Looking for catalyst for the fire? Build these into your routine and we will give you more! Share your progress on our Facebook page!

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